Gayfields Accidental Angel
(Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE,OD x Gayfields Old Glory)

   2000 Grey Sec. B Mare 

Gayfields Accidental Angel is one of our foundation mares.  Time and again she has presented us with outstanding foals who have grown into outstanding individuals!  Her first five foals were gorgeous fillies and, finally in 2010 she gave us a lovely colt.  Angel's pedigree is pure Welsh royalty and she does have the look of an aristocrat! Angel is the dam of:

         Posh Dressed To The Nines! by Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM
         Grand Champion Posh Dressed In Diamonds by Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM
         Grand Champion Posh Eyes On The Prize by Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM
         Posh That Touch of Mink by Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM
         Posh Who's That Girl! by Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM
         Posh Heavens To Betsy by Gayfields Eurotrash

Pedigree for Gayfields Accidental Angel

Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD Mylcroft Spun Gold Solway Master Bronze
Yaverland Spun Silk
Coed Coch Olwen Coed Coch Berwynfa
Coed Coch Pelydrog
Gayfields Old Glory Brockwell Spider Harford Starlight
Fayre Ladybird
Prydydd Bonnie Jean Coed Coch Prydydd
Criban Old Silver

Gayfields Accidental Angel with her 2010 foal, and first son, Posh Dressed To The Nines!



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