Posh Charm School
(Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM  x Summit View Sleight Attitude)

   Class, sophistication, substance, and style -- all the attributes of any Charm Schoolgirl.  Whether it is on the line or in performance, Posh Charm School has the talent, the pedigree, and the elegance to go right to the top of the class!   And why not?   A daughter of the renown stallion, Gayfields The Sleuth, Charm exhibits why he's earned his Sire LOM.  Sleuth daughters have rarely come on the market so this is an excellent opportunity to secure a potential star!  Either as a future broodmare or show pony, Charm should excel.  We are especially happy with her good mind and kind nature.  She has been a quick student and wants to please.   Charm is a Sec. B 2 year old filly and stands 12.1 1/2 hh.   She now resides with her new owners.

Posh Charm School

Pedigree for Posh Charm School

Gayfields The Sleuth LOM JG Cops and Robbers, LOM Gayfields Call The Cops, LOM
Rambur Stolen Silver
Gayfields Former Miss Magnolia
Sleight of Hand, LOM
Louisiana Lagniappe
Summit View Sleight Attitude Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD Mylncroft Spun Gold
Coed Coch Olwen
Louisiana Souri de Souri Brockwell Spider
Homestead Flirt