Posh High Falutin'
(Gayfields Union Jack x Posh Hot Lips)

   2006 Chestnut Half-Welsh Gelding  

Posh High Falutin' has had a spectacular start to his show career, and all this after only his yearling and two year old year!   Going up against mature animals, he has multiple wins as Grand Champion Half-Welsh AND Multi Sport Pony Championships as well!  Falutin' is a spectacular mover and possesses that special charisma that is so coveted in a show pony.


Pedigree for Posh High Falutin'

Gayfields Union Jack Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD Mylcroft Spun Gold
Coed Coch Olwen
Gayfields Old Glory, LOM Brockwell Spider
Prydydd Bonnie Jean, LOM
Posh Hot Lips Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM JGCops and Robbers,LOM
Gayfields Former Miss Magnolia
Shayla (Arabian)  

Falutin' at two after winning at the '08 Walla Walla Show.


As a yearling High Falutin' was already balanced, and exhibited his wonderful movement.



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