Posh That Touch of Mink
(Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM  x Gayfields Accidental Angel)

 2008 Bay Roan Sec. B Filly

Mink, pictured here at 2 years old, is a big-bodied, elegant filly with balance and substance. 
She has an absolutely gorgeous Welsh head with huge eyes, sculpted ears, and chiseled muzzle.
Mink is just as sweet and willing as she is beautiful!

Pedigree for Posh That Touch of Mink

Gayfields The Sleuth, LOM JG Cops and Robbers, LOM Gayfields Call The Cops, LOM
Rambur Stolen Silver
Gayfields Former Miss Magnolia Sleight of Hand, LOM
Louisiana Lagniappe
Gayfields Accidental Angel Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD Mylncroft Spun Gold
Coed Coch Olwen
Gayfields Old Glory Brockwell Spider
Prydydd Bonnie Jean

Mink is a full sibling to Grand Champion Posh Dressed In Diamonds and
Grand Champion Posh Eyes on the Prize.