Posh After Dark Thriller
(Gayfields Call The Cops LOM/AOE/OD x Posh Rich Girl)

2011 Black Sec. B Gelding
We were THRILLED when Posh Rich Girl presented us with this gorgeous BLACK colt!
Totally eye-catching with four stockings, a star & snip, lovely conformation and beautiful movement
Thriller was Res. Grand Champion as a yearling at the double Gold OWPS show! Now in training with
Hali Durand at Stardust Pony Dreams. We are excited about Thriller's new career.

Pedigree for Posh After Dark Thriller

Gayfields Call The Cops LOM/AOE/OD

Sleight of Hand LOM/AOE/OD Mylncroft Spun Gold
Coed Coch Olwen
Dixie Blue Dutchess Findeln Blue Danube
CC Dawn
Posh Rich Girl Gayfields The Sleuth LOM JG Cops & Robbers LOM
Gayfields Formerly Miss Magnolia
Rambur Magic Prism Alra Classic Rocket
Rambur Ballog Prose

Thriller at 7 months shows the regal attitude that defines him so well!

Thriller is a substantial colt and already exhibiting lovely movement and presence!
Photos above & below taken at 4 months.