Posh Fashion Boutique (Pending)
(Gayfields Call The Cops LOM/AOE/OD  x Posh Dressed In Diamonds)


2011 Grey Sec. B Filly  
Posh Fashion Boutique is a chic filly whom we call "Tiki". She is sired by the famous Gayfields Call The Cops. Cops has earned his Individual LOM, AOE, and OD as well as his Sire LOM and AOE!! We are so pleased with Tiki, her way of going and her long elegant lines. Tiki's dam is the Grand Champion Posh Dressed In Diamonds, an incredibly beautiful mare. With such outstanding bloodlines we have high hopes for Tiki. Can't wait to see what her future holds!!!

Pedigree for Posh Fashion Boutique

Gayfields Call The Cops LOM/AOE/OD Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD Mylncroft Spun Gold
Coed Coch Olwen
Dixie Blue Dutchess Findeln Blue Danube
CC Dawn
Posh Dressed In Diamonds Gayfields The Sleuth LOM JG Cops & Robbers LOM
Gayfields Formerly Miss Magnolia
Gayfields Accidental Angel Sleight of Hand LOM